Nokia Symbian SDKIf you own a Nokia Symbian phone and you want to use its application on PC than you can do that using the official emulator provided by Nokia for Windows PC. Well it’s a simple emulator with a normal graphical interface which you can use to run your Symbian applications on PC. So now any game or any entertainment app fro Symbian device can be used on PC, so follow steps below on how to use it on PC.

Steps to Install Nokia Symbian SDK On PC :

1. Download Nokia Symbian SDK from Official Website.

2. After you have downloaded the above software just install it on your PC using the normal steps. After successful installation just reboot your PC.

3. Now just navigate to Start > Program files > Nokia Developer Tools > Symbian SDK > Emulator and your Emulator will be launched.

4. Now your Emulator will look something like on the image on the right, just click on File > Open and choose your Symbian Application you wanna fire up.

5. Now your application will be loaded, use it play with it and have fun.

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