Features and Benefits

Social networking sites are a great marketing tool, with mass communication medium that some users often abused. Like the case of Facebook, the numbers of new accounts that can be created are not limited, so many spammers uses this medium for their own selfish interest to have access to other real users. According to a recent estimate by Facebook, there are over 85 million fake accounts on the network. They try to add others as friend, so that they could probably spam others or perform phishing scams. These types of people with fake identity are not good, and I’m very sure you will not like to be a friend to one of them. Identifying legitimate friends on Facebook is a lot easier with FB Checker.


What will FB Checker do

FB Checker verifies if people that you meet on Facebook are real or if they have fake pictures and accounts. People create false accounts in order to advertise or simply get attention. These accounts contain photos of attractive people in order to lure you to friend them, talk to them and give them your full attention. Avoid being disappointed by checking a person.s profile for authenticity before investing time or even before adding them as friends. FB Checker can tell you if a person’s photos are theirs or they were simply taken from elsewhere on the Internet.




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