We format OS many times and it’s too tiring to install all softwares again into the new operating system, pick-me-up is a simple utility which helps you to transfer your installed programs into your new PC/Laptop from your old OS.
It captures the program and make it as a package and stores it in your Download Directory by default, It doesn’t capture all kinds of softwares but it helps a lot of other software. Another thing is that Pick me App doesn’t capture the personal data related to the application but it reduces your installing time on another system and sometime you don’t have executable files from any application in that case it can help to install an application.
First Select one or more File to Capture and Tick them if you are selecting multiple files and after that click on capture button, it may take some time to capture it depends upon the Application if the application has large size then it will take more time.
Now you can see in below Image now I captured all applications which I want to capture, now click to save all asexe. It will create a package then you can deploy into another system.
You can install all programs or selected program into your New OS.

Download Pick Me App

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