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If you are a webmaster/blogger …
Recently I accept link exchange between websites/blogs, so if you are interested take a look here for more information.

If you are a Guest Poster…
Rakesh KadampanaD is looking for fun, creative writers to come up with interesting articles. If you think you have what it takes to be writer, please read on for more details.

To be a writer for Rakesh KadampanaD, you have to be a resident of Earth, have a sense of humor and a mind that thinks out of the box; possess a keen attention to detail and the ability to spell. I aim to cover topics related to Windows, Linux, Mobile Phones, Pictures and almost everything!

Also if you find an interesting article from the Internet, you can let me know to post it in the blog.

If you are a copyright holder…
If you are the “original copyright holder” and think that i may be using your files, images or anything else, instead of filing a DMCA claim, just contact me via following form. I will take proper action to change or remove copyright materials. It will takes 1-2 business days. (of course you’ll need to prove that you are the original copyright holder!)

I do not provide technical support for your computer!
Many people email me and ask if I can fix their computers, mobiles, game consoles and… sorry folks, but it is just too time consuming for me. If you have a specific problem you need help with, go and search a solution for it via google.

I do not accept any request for cracking softwares/games!
I have daily 10-20 request for this! From now on, I will not accept any request for cracking softwares/games. I did/do it as a hobby and it is not my business, so please do not request for cracking, keygenning, patching, serial and … because I will not response and if you persist you will be marked as spam.

I do not provide support for the softwares, too!
All the softwares in this blog are completely free ,you may use them as whatever they are! But you are welcome to submit your suggestions, comments and bug reports.

Broken Link or Image?
If you faced any broken link or image in this blog, please let me know to fix it as soon as possible.