Ultrasurf is a product of Ultrareach Internet Corporation. Originally created to help internet users in China find security and freedom online, Ultrasurf has now become the world’s most popular pro-privacy, anti-censorship software, with millions of people using it to bypass firewalls and protect their identity online.

Why Use Ultrasurf?

» Bypass firewalls
» Encrypt your activities
» Circumvent censors
» Mask your IP address
» No installation required
» Untraceable
» Fast page loads
» Easy to use

Ultrasurf is a free software that enables users to visit any public web sites in the world safely and freely through a secure encrypted connection. It is a small file (approximately 1.2 MB), and will not install anything on your computer.

Ultrasurf is compatible with Windows, and runs on Internet Explorer or Firefox (click here to download the Firefox add-on). Certain anti-virus programs may prevent Ultrasurf from downloading. If you encounter this problem, you may need to temporarily disable your anti-virus software.

How does Ultrasurf work?
When a user launches Ultrasurf, the tool automatically discovers the best available proxy servers from our central server pool and connects the user to it via an encrypted tunnel. In this process, the user’s IP address is masked, and all their activities and communications are securely encrypted. This allows users to circumvent surveillance, bypass firewalls, and overcome blocking and censorship.

To Download…
– Click the Ultrasurf download link on the to download the zip file.
– Once the file has downloaded, look for it in the default location for your downloads, e.g. your downloads folder or on your desktop. The file will be called u.zip.
– Most operating systems will automatically unzip the Ultrasurf file when you double click it. Some may require you to manually unzip the file using a program such as Winzip.
– Once the file is unzipped, double click on the corresponding .exe file. For instance, when you unzip u.zip you will see a file called u1006.exe (or a similar name depending on the version you’ve downloaded) in the same folder. This is the executable file that runs Ultrasurf.
– Double-click the Ultrasurf executable file. Your internet browser will launch automatically, along with the Ultrasurf interface. A golden lock on the lower right-hand corner of your screen indicates Ultrasurf is on.
– The Ultrasurf interface gives you the option of adjusting your settings. However, the software will work without any adjustments.
– Browse the internet in safety and freedom.
– To close Ultrasurf, simply close the Ultrasurf interface.

UltraSurf in Other Softwares
To use Ultrasurf in other softwares, you need to go to that program settings windows and change the proxy address option (if available). Here I want to use Ultrasurf in my download manager (Orbit Downloader) and here is the tutorial:

1. First open Orbit Downloader.
2. Go to Tools > Preferences…
3. In the Preferences window click on Proxy.
4. Then, select HTTP and in the Host type and in the Port type 9666.

You can do the same in your download managers (e.g. IDM, DAP and …). Remember, If you close the Ultrasurf your download manager will not work. In our example, by selecting “Direct Connection” we can go back to previous settings.5. Click OK. You are done!

You can use UltraSurf in every other softwares that support proxy settings. Like Firefox, Babylon, Safari and …

How to Use Ultrasurf with Mozilla Firefox

Here is another example to use Ultrasurf in Mozilla Firefox:
1. Open Firefox and go to Tools > Options.
2. In Advanced tab select Network.
3. Click on “Settings…” button, and configure as screenshot below.

4. Click OK.

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