Websites are the latest craze. In fact, businesses cannot think of surviving without a website in this net-savvy world of today. Many people make website for their personal use. Whatever be the purpose, whenever you create website, you have to have web hosting service. This article tells you about how to choose a web hosting service provider and what factors to keep in mind while doing so.


1.Get enough Disk Space.

The web hosting plan should provide you with enough disk space to store your files including images, videos and other such heavy content. For small websites, 250 MB is enough but if you are making website for larger enterprises which will have large amount of content or videos, images, maps etc. go for a web hosting plan with more disk space.

2.Check Bandwidth for data transfer capacity.

More bandwidth will mean that your site has a good speed and the users will not face problems while browsing through your website. Most of the good web hosting service providers give you unlimited data transfer which means your site’s bandwidth remains on higher side.

3.Look for uninterrupted Technical Support.

Your web host should lend technical support whenever your site faces any problem. Make sure, there is reliable customer support when you select a web host.

4.Ask for Cpanel Access.

Cpanel or control panel is where you can handle such things as adding, deleting, and manage your email addresses, changing passwords and a host of other maintenance works. make sure, you get the access to your website’s control panel when you buy web hosting service.

5.Secure your website with SSL Certificate.

This is only required for such websites where financial transactions are done or where sensitive information like credit card details are taken such as e-commerce websites. SSL makes your website secured against any kind of fraud or malware. Although SSL certificates can be bought separately, if you buy a web hosting plan with SSL feature, you may have to pay higher prices.


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