Are you a guy? Have you ever come across that one girl you really want to be with but just don’t know how to do it? Well this article might just help you out!

1.Be Confident.

The key to almost everything is confidence. If you’re in any classes/activities together, make a side comment to her when walking past. Preferably a humorous one. Something that will make her laugh and respond. If she says something humorous, laugh. Whether it’s funny or not. Walk alongside her in the hall and talk to her about a previous class or something along those lines. Walk her home if you can, or even halfway.

2.Remember, she’s only a girl.

She might be aggressive, she might be timid, or she might be really jumpy and alert. No matter what she acts like, she’s still only a girl. She still has feelings, she’ll still have fallen in love, and she’ll still have felt heartbroken. If she ever looks downhearted, ask her if somethings wrong. If she doesn’t want to tell you, don’t pressure her, just let her know you’re always there if she wants to talk.

3.Compliment her.

Girls love compliments. Compliment her personality, her appearance or one of her achievements. Be careful, she might think you’re leading her on, and if you have no intentions of a relationship with her you might just break her heart.

4.Try out her favourite bands or TV shows.

If she wants you to listen to a band she likes or watch a program she enjoys, try them out. Once you have, tell her your opinions on them. If you don’t like them, a simple “They’re okay, not my favourite.” Will do. Be gentle with her.

5.Be funny.

Girls love to be around a guy that can make her laugh. It can be a joke, or it can just be in your actions. Never try to make her laugh by insulting someone else, that’s just not cool.

6.Share things with her.

If you have a beverage, offer her a drink of it. If you have a chocolate bar, break off a part and offer her it. If you have a bag/packet of sweets, always offer her a few. When listening to your iPod, ask her if she wants an earphone. If she doesn’t like the music, switch it off and put it away. Let her know she comes before music.

7.Tell her things.

Don’t tell her anything too personal, just in case she spreads it around. Let her know you trust her, and hopefully she won’t abuse that. She’ll come to trust you, and when she does, don’t ever spread what she tells you around.

8.Be Sensitive.

If she tells you something personal, don’t laugh. Don’t ever laugh at her misfortune, and if she cries always try to comfort her, even if it’s over something ridiculous.



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