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Starting any business requires much thought and research to have the best chance of success and a computer repair business is no exception. Below are some points that need to be considered before starting a computer repair business.

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Tip: Before opening your own computer repair business you should be a capable computer technician.


How do you plan to let people in your community know that your business is opening and ready to serve them? There are many different methods for advertising a business, including Internet, newspaper, television, radio, flyers, and word-of-mouth. Your advertising budget can play a big part in the decision process, as well as possible success rates.

If you are looking for lower cost methods, the top choices are the Internet, newspaper, and flyers. Word-of-mouth could also fall into this category, but it can take a bit more work to make it work for you. The Internet alone can offer many options, including banner ads, search engine ratings, and Craigslist (or similar sites) are just a few of the possibilities. E-mail marketing can also be a valuable asset if the correct market is targeted. Off the Internet, flyers can be handed out, set out in various locations for people to take, or mailed to their home.

If you advertising budget is beefier, you could explore radio and television ads. These can prove to be very powerful and help bolster your business’ success.


Due to the nature of a computer repair business, get insurance to cover any issues that could arise. While issues are never planned, they can occur, and it is a good idea to be covered. Your business deals with other people’s property, and they are entrusting their property into your care. Check with insurance companies that provide insurance for businesses and determine what fits your needs.


If you are planning to have a storefront, get an inventory of computers available for sale and computer components. Customers are looking for fast service, and you need parts on hand to give that fast service.

The parts you may want to have available include all popular types of memory (RAM),hard drives, video cards, and computer processors. These are just some examples of the parts you should have in your inventory, the more parts you have the less likely a customer is going to have to wait for a repair. In addition to the common computer parts, having an excess of cables and screws can also come in handy.

If you are low on funds, an alternative solution is to visit local computer retail stores for parts as needed.


The first thing to consider here is whether you want to have a storefront or work out of your home. Having a storefront means your business is out there for everyone to see, to visit, and the potential for income can be pretty high. However, a storefront also comes greater responsibility and risk.

Working from your home offers a more flexible schedule, less overhead (minimal inventory), and more control over what business comes your way. However, it may also come with a lower income potential and more difficulty in getting customers and business to come your way.

If you choose a storefront, physical location is going to be key. You want a place that has easy access, in an area with a large enough customer base to attract, and preferably in a town where there are not many, if any, other businesses like yours. These three factors can make or break your business and should be considered with care.


What prices are you planning to charge for your repair services? You want to charge prices that are both affordable to your customers, but are also enough to keep your business afloat.

If there are other computer repair businesses in the area, check into what prices they charge. Doing some research on this front can help you price your services competitively and possibly take business away from your competition.

Another piece to consider is the offering of discounts, possibly in the form of coupons or a percentage discount when purchasing a particular service or several services. Offering a special deal for the first time customers can be a great way to get your business name out there and bring in new customers.

Considering these five primary points can greatly improve your chances of getting a computer repair business off the ground and on the road to being successful. The most important thing to keep in mind, however, is the quality of service you provide. In this day and age, great customer service can be the difference between a business thriving and a business failing. Make it a priority to take good care of your customers, providing the best service you possibly can. Become friends with your customers in the way you act and treat them. It can go a long way towards building your business and earning repeat and referral business.


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There are many aspects to consider when learning how to design a living room. Functional elements include the comfort of the space, furniture layout, traffic patterns and having the right spaces and furniture for entertaining and activities. The decorative aspect brings it all together to create a room that is visually appealing. Read on to learn more about design and decorating ideas for your living room.


1.Determine what your living room will be used for.

Some uses for living rooms include entertaining, family games, reading and television watching. If you plan to entertain frequently, determine how many guests you will have to ensure youhave enough seating and space. If you don’t plan to have guests often, the room can be more of a cozy retreat for family. Make sure there is room and furniture for the various activities that will take place in your living room.


2.Design for the space.

If the room is an awkward or unusual shape, very large or very small, traditional decorating ideas and furniture layout may not work in the room. Use smaller scale furniture pieces in a small room, even if you have to modify furniture or use unconventional pieces. Purchase larger, over sized pieces for a large room. Position pieces so that the room is uncluttered and easy to navigate.


3.Create conversation areas.

Sofas and chairs should be grouped together so that people can talk to each other easily. The room should be arranged so that people walk around, not through, conversation areas.


4.Find the room’s focal point.

In some rooms, this is an architectural feature like a window or fireplace. In rooms without built-in features, the focal point could be a large piece of furniture, art or wall hanging. If a television set ends up becoming the focal point of the room, consider housing it in an attractive armoire or cabinet, or using a mirror or art image onscreen when the television is not on. The room should be designed so that the focal point stands out and other items do not compete.


5.Decide on the formality of the room.

A very formal room calls for traditional furniture, antiques and high end, sleek surfaces. A more casual room can use simpler fabric and eclectic decorations.


6.Choose a theme or style.

Examples of styles include beach, modern, Asian and rustic as well as very specific themes like recreating a room from a specific time period. Choices in colors, fabrics, furniture and art are determined by the overall desired style.


7.Achieve symmetry in the room.

Use pairs of furniture and decorations for a cohesive, symmetric look. This includes chairs, lamps and art.


8.Make sure you like the decorating ideas.

There are certain “rules” that people follow when learning how to design a living room. While it’s necessary to stick to some guidelines to have a space that others will appreciate and that guests will be comfortable in, the room should also be appealing to the homeowner and members of the household.


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Websites are the latest craze. In fact, businesses cannot think of surviving without a website in this net-savvy world of today. Many people make website for their personal use. Whatever be the purpose, whenever you create website, you have to have web hosting service. This article tells you about how to choose a web hosting service provider and what factors to keep in mind while doing so.


1.Get enough Disk Space.

The web hosting plan should provide you with enough disk space to store your files including images, videos and other such heavy content. For small websites, 250 MB is enough but if you are making website for larger enterprises which will have large amount of content or videos, images, maps etc. go for a web hosting plan with more disk space.

2.Check Bandwidth for data transfer capacity.

More bandwidth will mean that your site has a good speed and the users will not face problems while browsing through your website. Most of the good web hosting service providers give you unlimited data transfer which means your site’s bandwidth remains on higher side.

3.Look for uninterrupted Technical Support.

Your web host should lend technical support whenever your site faces any problem. Make sure, there is reliable customer support when you select a web host.

4.Ask for Cpanel Access.

Cpanel or control panel is where you can handle such things as adding, deleting, and manage your email addresses, changing passwords and a host of other maintenance works. make sure, you get the access to your website’s control panel when you buy web hosting service.

5.Secure your website with SSL Certificate.

This is only required for such websites where financial transactions are done or where sensitive information like credit card details are taken such as e-commerce websites. SSL makes your website secured against any kind of fraud or malware. Although SSL certificates can be bought separately, if you buy a web hosting plan with SSL feature, you may have to pay higher prices.


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