Now all of the Wave II owners can upgrade from Bada 1.2 to Bada 2.0. Those who are using the default firmware Bada 1.2 can use KIES to upgrade to Bada 2.0. It is very simple. Just open KIES and connect your phone to PC using data cable and KIES will show you the option for upgrade.

However, for the users who are already using Beta version of Bada 2.0 cannot upgrade using KIES. So they need to download the Bada 2.0 Firmware from the below link and use Multiloader 5.65.

Note : Pls. use 7zip or Winrar to extract the files.

Full Firmware S8530DDLC2_S8530ODDLC2_INU : Download

MultiLoader 5.65 : Download

All the steps for upgrade are given in the video link below. See below screen shot of Multiloader before and after the successful upgrade.

Set the following setting and click Download button.

After this completes, you will see like this. And you phone will automatically restart with new Firmware.

Here are the screenshots  from the phone after flashing to latest Bada 2.0.






































































Here is the video for complete steps for flashing to latest Bada 2.0


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