There are those who love to talk on the phone and there are others who simply hate talking on the phone. Those in the latter category may not all have the same reasons for hating phone conversations. Below are ten different reasons that people give for hating to talk on the phone.

Difficulty in ending a conversation
This is a big one. When they get into a conversation on the telephone with someone who does like to talk on the phone, they have a difficult time bringing the conversation to an end so that they can hang up the phone. To just hang up would be rude and sometimes trying to get a word in edgewise to say it’s time to go, can be very difficult as well.

Difficulty in hearing
Even with just a slight hearing problem, hearing the other person clearly in a phone conversation can be a problem. When you are not understanding what is being said, it can be very frustrating to try and continue the conversation.

Unable to multi-task
Many people can talk on the phone while they work in the kitchen or tend to the needs of their children, but others find that very difficult. For these people, a phone conversation prevents them from accomplishing anything else during the time they are engaged on the phone.

Prefer face to face
Some people just have difficulty with not being able to see the other person’s face as they talk. This may be, in part, to their tendency to interpret facial expressions as part of the conversation. With a phone conversation they feel they are missing an important element in their normal communication.

Afraid of inconveniencing others
Since you can’t see what the other person is involved in at the time when you are engaged in a phone conversation with them, some people feel uncomfortable about talking with others on the phone for fear that they are inconveniencing them in some way or interrupting there daily activities.

Run out of things to say
Those who are not great conversationalists in a face to face conversation, will have an even harder time thinking of things to say when conversing over the phone. This often makes for awkward pauses in the conversation that add to their unease.

Difficulty in expressing themselves
Some people just have difficulty in verbalizing their thoughts and fear that they will say the wrong thing or not make themselves understood. This can limit them in any conversation but their anxiety level will often increase in this regard with a phone conversation.

They do it all day at work
A person who spends a lot of their day at work talking on the phone, often does not want to spend time on the phone when they are at home. The continual interaction over the phone at work can drain them emotionally and leave them desiring some reprieve from the telephone when they are at home.

It feels like an intrusion
Often times people feel like a phone call is an intrusion on their time or into the sanctuary of their home. These individuals usually don’t mind talking on the phone when they are the ones making the call but don’t welcome unexpected incoming calls that require their attention.

Time waster
Some people feel that phone conversations always take longer than they should. These people generally are only interested in the information needing to be relayed and feel like there are extra courteous pleasantries expected in a phone conversation which eat up precious minutes of their day.

There are lots of different reasons why people say they hate talking on the phone. Some of these reasons are being lessened by the new addition of video phones but many of them still remain relevant regardless of the device.

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